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Quick Care Med is a Central FL Urgent Care Medical Walk In Clinic. We have multiple locations throughout Central Florida! No appointment is necessary. OPEN EXTENDED HOURS! Citrus County Offices: Mon thru Fri 9am - 7pm & Sat/Sun 9am - 4pm | Ocala Offices: Mon thru Fri 8am - 7pm & Saturday 8am - 4pm

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Quick Care Med is an urgent care facility. It is not a primary care facility. As a result, your co-pay may be different. We will gladly assist you in filing your insurance, but all co-payments are due at time of service. Contact us for more details.

Our Services


We took our 5 year old child in for an exam due to a bump on the head and neck pain following a fall in our home. The doctor was amazing with our son and, through his bedside manner, was able to encourage our son to start moving his neck more freely which revealed that there was no injury.

Our Services

At Quick Care Med of Florida, we know that your health and the health of your family are top priorities… especially when there’s an illness or injury. In fact, your health comes first. That’s why we offer an alternative for health emergencies that is convenient, prompt, and affordable. We are not your primary care physician, we are here to support patients when they require after hours or urgent care.

QCM offers short wait times for all of your medical needs! We are open 7 days per week and treat it all - from the common cold to a broken bone! We accept MOST insurance plans, including Medicaid! No insurance, no problem... We are less expensive and faster than an emergency room visit! Everyone is welcome. We treat both adults AND children!

When you need to see a doctor, it isn’t always convenient. Maybe you’re running a fever after office hours. A sprain or a fracture on the weekend. An ear infection or sore throat and your doctor can’t see you for a couple of days. Worse, a trip to the emergency room (ER) could mean a long wait to be seen and treated and, depending on your health plan, higher costs. Whether you have medical insurance, Medicare, or no health plan at all, we make it easy for you to see a capable, knowledgeable health care provider when you need to. Call us or come in today!

Attention! Now hiring Physicians, PA's, ARNP's. Positions also available for long-distance Physician supervisory duties. Please send CV to: operations@pedimhealthcare.com

Testimonial: I came in on Sunday Afternoon (9/6/15) and was the last patient to be seen. The staff was extremely friendly, courteous, and professional. My wait time was a little long, but I can understand since there were several people in front of me. The receptionist was friendly, the triage nurse was great (nice to have someone with a personality), and Dr. Marilyn Staton was PHENOMENAL! She actually took the time to treat the CAUSE of my problem, not only the result of it! I thank God for her wisdom and help. She is the first doctor that I have had that really seemed to CARE. She LISTENED when I spoke and was able to diagnose the cause of my problem. Other doctors have treated my same symptoms but never got to the ROOT of my problem (so it persisted). This was THE BEST visit that I have EVER had to a medical office and I WILL use and refer everyone to this office in the future! To top it all off, even though I was the last patient of the day, I was NOT rushed out of the office AND the Dr. Staton took the time to make sure I understood everything CLEARLY!!! I wanted to say, JOB WELL DONE to the ENTIRE staff on duty 9/6/15!!!! I thank you for making my visit a WONDERFUL experience! ~ S.J., Inverness

Testimonial: This is a letter of thanks in relation to my recent visits to Quick Care Med. Quick Care Med has turned out to not only be effective and timely medical care, but the efficient and knowledgeable staff made my visit quick like the name says. Everyone was very helpful and kind, and made my visit easy. I especially wanted to say thank you to Dr. Khan, who undoubtedly saved me from much pain and suffering, and possibly even saved my life. I struggled through my affliction for almost 9 months, which was misdiagnosed by myself and numerous doctors. Dr Khan immediately correctly identified my affliction, prescribed the right medication, and now I'm relatively healthy and happy again in a short period of time. So thanks once again, and congratulations on your wonderful staff and your service to the community. Sincerely, John Sinton

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