Summer Colds: Why Are They So Bad?

July 10, 2020
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Summer colds are not fun. They might sound like a made-up thing, but they exist. Yes, the typical cold and flu season is fall/winter into spring, but people can still catch a cold during the summer. Since colds are virus-based, and not weather-based, technically, anyone can catch a cold during any time of the year. 

Summer colds are like common colds that happen during the summer. But why do they feel worse? To break it down, even though colds are virus-based, some viruses that cause colds are more prone to warmer weather; hence, making them summer colds.

As the climate shifts, so does the viral landscape. This shift introduces enteroviruses into the mix. They’re a group of viruses that usually cause mild infectious illnesses similar to that of the common cold, and often cause these infections during the summer and fall seasons. 

The various strains and versions of enteroviruses cause multiple symptoms, some of which are uncommon for summer colds, such as sudden fever, diarrhea, nausea, and vomiting. 

Common Symptoms of Summer Colds

• Pressure in the sinuses or head

• Runny nose

• Sneezing

• Coughing

• Congestion

• Body and muscle aches

• Sore throat

• Low energy 

Alleviating Symptoms

Although there aren’t any cures for colds, there are ways to alleviate the symptoms: 

• Drink plenty of fluids, mostly water. Stay away from drinks that can cause dehydration, like coffee or energy drinks. 

• Rest, rest, and more rest. Getting lots of rest is very important. Allowing yourself to rest during this time allows the body to heal and recuperate faster. 

• Cough medicine/pain relievers/fever reducers

• Decongestants 

• Humidifier to help with coughing and to reduce air dryness 

Please note that antibiotics do not treat colds. This is because antibiotics only treat bacterial infections, not viral ones, like colds. 

Ways To Prevent Summer Colds

There may not be a cure for colds, yet you can still prevent yourself from catching one by:

• Frequently wash your hands

• Get plenty of sleep to strengthen your immune system

• Eat well-balanced meals

• Remain well-hydrated 

• As much as possible, avoid contact with those who are sick


All in all, colds are not fun in any season. If you do catch a summer cold, know that there are ways to alleviate the symptoms. 

Summer colds typically last a few days up to a week. But if you develop more concerning symptoms, take the time to speak to your healthcare provider, drop by one of our 10 locations, or click here to schedule a Telemedicine appointment.

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The entire staff was very caring. I had my toddler with me and she was a bit rowdy and they gave her crayons with coloring pages and stickers and even a lollipop to help keep her occupied.

Tanya C.

My son scribbled on a piece of paper and handed it to one of the woman in the front, saying that is say how his ears hurt, she accepted it and posted it on the artwork wall, when the PA came in to see him he was made to feel like a big deal because he had known about the paper. This is a place where the staff really cares about their patients and go the extra mile for them

Ron M.

Have been there a few times and hey have always been very fast, kind, courteous and welcoming. Always very helpful especially the front desk. The employee Heather helped me with pharmacy, paperwork and everything I needed help with. Only quick care I go too because of her.

Sapphire B.

I absolutely love our nurse Tiffany. She made our visit so comfortable. I had two very sick little boys who did not want to go to the Dr. She made the at ease in an instant and she took such great care of them. This was at the Quick care on 441 in Ocala Fl. I'll go back to this one because of her. And recommended to all my friends and family. Thanks so much!

Ray L

A Big THANK YOU, to the Staff at Quick Care Med, in Dunnellon!! My Husband was seen, for a couple different ailments, during his visit,, and the Two Practitioners who worked with Him, were AWESOME! They treated my Big, 200 pound, 6 ft. "Baby",, with Respect, Dignity, and Professionalism, and just the right amount of Calming Firmness!! Lol... he's afraid of Needles, and Doctor Offices, in general and I must say, that GWEN, & DEBBIE, were very good to him! Prices for services rendered, were ve

Cindy J.

Great sweet people

Myranda W

I was there yesterday and I've never felt so shocked. The 3 girls I interacted with were the most pleasant and friendly caregivers I've ever dealt with. Idr the rep's name, but she was quick and prompt at taking all my info and with minimal Qs (kinda hard to answer when I have a cold), then Alexis took over. Very sympathetic, nice, and helpful. Then the physician saw me and was charismatic and very funny. Trying to keep me in good spirits. It was like all 3 were happy to be at their posts and to

Julio R

Anytime, we've ever been there, all of the physicians are very caring and helpful, they don't rush or make you feel unimportant... I wish we could have them as our GP

Di C.

Very friendly,professional. Very caring of patients.Victoria was excellent. Took time to listen and made you feel comfortable.

Breonna S

We had Zaib Kahn as the provider and NEVER have I seen such a good bedside manner, as they call it! AND he personally called this a.m. to ask how my husband is feeling! (The pharmacy was closed when we left the ofc., and they asked us to allow until 11 to pick up the RXs, but that's NOT YOUR fault ;D I'm thrilled w/ Mr. Kahn's service and may well use your clinic for ALL my medical needs!!!! THANK YOU

Frank R

Professional staff, caring and organized. Prompt service for DOT related visits.

John S

The absolute BEST! Everyone here is so nice! We've had to come in a few times & they've always taken great care of us. We're usually out within 20-30 min. All the girls up front are very nice & helpful (you don't find that too often), so is the girl that takes your vitals. Dr B is the amazing! He takes his time to listen to what's wrong & always has a big smile. If we could have this office as our primary care location we would

Ryan M
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